Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Fires

These are two shots of some of the fires burning south of where we live. The city in the foreground is El Cajon. I believe that the fire you see burning behind the hills on the background is in the Dulzura are, southeast of downtown San Diego.
Our house is fine this evening and we are safe. We hope all of our SD blog community stays safe!


  1. The photos are amazing, but I hate seeing the homes being destroyed like they are. It's disheartening for me to see people lose their home and belongings.

    hope you stay safe where you are at!

  2. I was just watching the scenes on TV earlier this morning and it was quite shocking to see the devastation and of course my first thought was for how you were doing.

    Hope you fare well.

    I just posted this same comment on Felicia's blog.

  3. Stay safe! I worried about you and hope that your area remains untouched. The photos are really quite beautiful, which belies the horrible devastation.

  4. Beauty and horror in the same picture...My thoughts goes to all afflicted.

  5. Everything is good on my area..I feel so bad for all others!
    I hope we all get these fires under control for yrs to come..enough is enough! we need to suppress them quickly and prosecute extensively for those who set them!

    Nice shots!

    take care down there!

  6. Great photos Zentmrs! I hope that you are safe where you are. We have been watching/listening to news and hoping that the winds don't pick up tonight and that this will end soon!

  7. westondailyphoto5:36 PM

    very sad photos but amazing at the same time

  8. I do hope and pray that the winds die down so that more can be done to stop the fires.

  9. this just gave me chills.. I was in SD, and flew out of town the day before you posted this... so horrible...

    your shots are amazing, you are an incredible photgrapher!