Friday, February 20, 2009

San Diego: Home of Mr. Box

Jack in the Box has an interesting ad campaign now.  It started with this announcement "Jack Box, Founder and CEO of Jack in the Box, was hit by a bus on Sunday, February 1st. This video is an official statement from Jack in the Box."  

You can read more here:

San Diego hosts the Jack in the Box Headquarters, actually, right across the street from where I work.  In their parking lot you can see the tributes left for "Mr. Box" at his parking spot.  (not great picture quality - it was taken from my cell phone)


  1. Poor poor Jack. Hope he recovers soon to flip burgers.

  2. Great blog.

    After the Northridge earthquake (I was only 23 years old) I lived for a couple of weeks in a little hotel off the Waring Road exit in San Diego. The people in your city are the most wonderful people anywhere - of that I'm absolutely convinced.