Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ships That Pass In The Day

The next 15 days may have sporadic photos ... and they won't be of San Diego - San Diego Daily Photo will be on the road in Hawaii!

Despite the doom and gloom of some weather-bugs, we appear to have clear skies for sailing away today.  In just a few hours we will be sailing this ship (Holland America's Zaandam) off to Hawaii for 15 days!  

Also in port is the Carnival Elation (that is the ship on the left).  We are lucky - the passengers boarding the Elation have a temporary "tent" which serves as their boarding area.  We have a very nice terminal building.


  1. Lucky you! Hope you have a great time in Hawaii, from one beautiful city to another.

  2. This scene looks familiar with all the ships that sail in and out of Mazatlan. Since you take cruises, you'll have to tell us what you like about them!!