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Fire Station No. 4

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Something is Amiss...

Or amiss-ing, anyway!  The beautiful and historic Star of India is normally docked here, but today is out - perhaps taken by pirates?  Hmm...

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ComicCon Glimpse - Ender's Game Preview

Will you be seeing this movie when it comes out in November?

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Tiniest Sliver of Moon

Can you see it?

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USS Neversail

The USS Recruit is a 2/3 scale model of a Navy Destroyer Escort (TDE-1) which helped instruct as many as 50,000 Naval recruits annually in basic naval procedure.  Commissioned July 27, 1949, the Recruit was the Navy's only commissioned ship never to reach water.

The Recruit was the first of three similar structures built by the Navy following World War II, and it is the sole survivor of the three.  Decommissioned on March 7, 1967 when it could not be classified in a computerized naval inventory, the USS Recruit nevertheless continued to train recruits and was reconditioned in 1982 as a training guided missile frigate.

Recruits gave the structure its affectionate nickname:  USS Neversail.

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Seen at Naval Base Point Loma

This naval base also house 6 Los Angeles class submarines.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Enjoying the Fireworks

Lots of folks around the US had one thing in common yesterday - they spent some time staring up at the skies.  Hope everyone enjoyed the show!

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July 2013 Theme Day: Facades

Facades is this month's theme for the City Daily Photo family.  This is part of the front of the California Building in Balboa Park.  Now it houses the San Diego Museum of Man, but it was built almost 100 years ago as part of a series of temporary structures.

On December 31, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson ceremoniously pushed a button in Washington, D.C. to open the 1915 Panama-California International Exposition by turning on the power at the park. San Diego, a city of 40,000 attracted nearly 4 million visitors and succeeded in putting itself on the map as the first major port of call for ships passing through the newly opened Panama Canal.

Most of the arts organizations along Balboa Park's famous El Prado walkway exist in the Spanish-Renaissance style buildings constructed for the Exposition. This highly ornamented, extravagant architectural style was very new to the United States, one of the many innovative foundational elements of the Exposition. To learn more about the California Building, click here.

Have a look here to see more facades from around the world.