Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blue - for the Birds

Lots of folks in San Diego are blue after today's Charger's loss, but I am happy because I've received a "You Make My Day" award from Southern Heart and Jana! Thanks - you made my day!! Check back tomorrow to see who I have awarded.

Other blogs that are blue or "birdy" today: Prescott - Barton - Ystad - Cottage Grove - Orlando


  1. I am so sorry! In a way I wanted the Patariots to set a record, but I also would not have minded if they had tumbled to the Chargers. Watching the Packers-Giants game right now. A nail biter for me!

  2. PS. A beautiful bird!

  3. You captured a great image of this bird . . . wow! Did you find him at your wonderful zoo?

    Your Chargers gave the Patriots quite a game . . . that was a tough loss.

    This has been quite a year for Boston area sports fans and one we will tell our grandchildren about.

  4. what a beautiful blue bird!

  5. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Very nice portrait, sharp!

    Thanks for your recent visits and comments

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  6. That's a great photo of a beautiful blue bird.

  7. That is a great photo!!!

  8. a blue bird
    whoua !!
    what a great shot