Monday, January 21, 2008


I received the "You Make My Day" award from Southern Heart and Jana (see my sidebar above). Thanks for the honor!!
I'm passing along this award to some folks who make my day:
Slinger - Cottage Grove (the first daily photo blog I found and always a glimpse of the place I grew up)
Kate - St. Paul/Mazatlan (for showing me a St. Paul I never knew)
Ramling Round - Selma (for her insight into the South)
Abe - Brookville (for his exquisite wildlife photos)
Felicia - San Diego (for showing her view of our city and her always informative posts)
Bergson - Chateaubriant (for his view of his corner of France)
Dusty Lens - Minneapolis (for letting me wander around the Twin Cities each day)
Mitch - Minneapolis (for showing Minneapolis from a different angle)
Fabrizio - Torino (for his wonderful landscapes and city views)
Eric - Paris (for his inspiration and for this community)


  1. No kidding, I was the first daily photo blog you found? That totally rocks and is quite neat.

    Thanks for the award. This is my second and I've yet to pass them out. I do plan to do son this week.

  2. Great reflection shot!

    I am glad the award made your day!!

  3. Thanks for the comment and the award! I love that I am the "different angle guy." Keep up the great work!
    - Mitch

  4. Thanks for the award. It is appreciated. There are so many of them I have lost count but it is appreciated.

  5. thank you for your award, I am very honoured.

    I adore your blog flowered and coloured

  6. Thanks for your kind words about my blog and for making my day! I enjoy your blog as well!

  7. Well thank you for this well appriciated award! Also, thanks for virtually wandering the Twin Cities in my corner of the world. :)

  8. Thanks Zentmrs - I also enjoy seeing your photos of SD! I'm sorry that I don't have time these days to visit you and other DP bloggers more often...just trying to keep up.