Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boats at Mission Bay

This photo of kayaks in a marina in Mission Bay added some color to an otherwise typical grey May day.

(from the City of San Diego website)
Mission Bay boasts 27 miles of shoreline, 19 of which are sandy beaches with
eight locations designated as official swimming areas.

Swimmers and sun
lovers are drawn to the excellent surf conditions and soft sand Mission Bay’s
beaches offer. Mission Bay offers boat docks and launching facilities, sailboat
and motor rentals, bike/walk paths, basketball courts, and playgrounds for
children. It's one of San Diego's most fun-filled spots to visit. Public
restrooms and showers are available and lifeguard stations are located in
designated areas.

Nestled in the west end of the beach is a network of
channels and islands - a perfect spot for everyone from wind surfers to water
skiers. It's your choice to swim, enjoy the sun, rent a boat and explore the
thousands of acres of waterways.

Many people prefer to stay on shore and
spend their leisure picnicking, riding a bike along the paths, playing
volleyball, or flying a kite. There are close to 14 miles of bike paths along
Mission Bay.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to write a comment! We were both near the sea today...I do like your shot, nice reflexion, the water was calm. I've been said San Diego is a great place to live. Bonne soirée!

  2. Good colors playing,I likes to make photos of coloring pencil or crayon and those colorful kayaks reminds me to my childhood...Thanks for stop by and taken the beer,Cheers!

  3. Those colourful kayaks cheer the place up.
    I thought it was always sunny in San Diego.

  4. like the reflections in the water make a great oil painting this one

  5. A wonderful picture that speaks volumes about the kinds of activities people enjoy in your fair city. The line of kayaks and the reflections in the water make a terrific picture. PS. You mentioned on my blog that you moved from St. Paul. Interesting! When and from where, if you care to reply on my email. (Check my blog's profile for address). Just interested in other people's lives, decisions, etc.