Wednesday, May 09, 2007

View from a Cruise Ship

At long last, back from our cruise vacation through the Panama Canal. Thanks to nyerinsd for publishing my photos while I was gone!

This is a view from the deck of the MS Zuiderdam. We are watching the sun rise as we sail into San Diego Bay. I expected our usual "May Grey" for our entry back into the real world from vacation-land, and this crystal-clear, warm morning was a real treat.


  1. wow! that's a grean skyline! and the sky is beautiful! Great shot :)

  2. Well we have something in common. I was born in Panama! And when I visited San Diego I thought Balboa Park looked so much like some of the architecture in our family photos from Panama. So your blog brought me memories, and mine brought you memories. Fun coincidence. Did you get to step foot in Panama or just go through the canal?

  3. Nice sunlight photo.