Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Springtime must have been good to these little guys. All of the sudden, they are everywhere!


  1. Rabbits seem to look the same. Mistake. They are everywhere. True. I like rabbits. I have had many meals with rabbit. I no longer have to eat wildlife so I let them stay here and feed them or provide clover and plants for them and some corn. I like rabbits. They are very gentle creatures and will allow me to come up within a few inches of them.

    Of course, I have photos of them when they were so tiny they could hide in the dew-covered grass and later when they were exhausted and stretched-out in the sunshine taking a nap. So they are used to seeing me with a camera.

    Your photograph is nice and looks very much like some of mine.

    Today is the second episode of the mother with her head in the throat of the baby.

  2. Is that a pattern on the back, or is the sunlight shining through trees and other shadow casting objects? The wild rabbits that I've seen here are huge, I guess they're called hares. I have only a couple of blurry shots of them. When/if I get a good one, I'll have to put it on the blog.

    Thank you for coming to Villigen and commenting.